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Pieter Brantjes (1976)


Kaiserphoto.info is a website of freelance Dutch documentary and street photographer Pieter Brantjes.

Growing up among the trees of the forests of the Veluwe in the Netherlands, Pieter Brantjes was involved at a young age in everything that had to do with forest and nature. Together with foresters, nature photographers and hunters, he went out to discover nature. He received his first analogue camera from an elderly couple at the age of 15 and attempts were made for hours on end to capture the big game of the Veluwe. This laid the foundation for his interest in photography. 

As a freelance documentary photographer, Pieter works on his own projects for a long time and carries out projects in close consultation with clients in the Netherlands and abroad.

You can reach Pieter via: +31(0)615087913 or per mail kaiserphotocontact@gmail.com


Kastanjelaan 47

6828 GJ, Arnhem

The Netherlands


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